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About our purpose is to inform the black community along with the population at large with access and knowledge to locate black owned or primarily black-owned businesses. The information gives the whole community the opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of each business owner. That owner will be of service with the opportunity to grow. Together we will enrich and improve the economic development within the black community.

Additionally, to know how to locate a specific black owned business and know what services they can provide, allows each area of our community to be empowered as a whole. We come together to purchase from a black owned business. Other demographic populations want to support and purchase from black owned businesses, contractors, professionals and woman owned business. provides information needed to anyone looking for services provided from a restaurant, plumber, electrician, church, beauty salon, barber, consultant, tutor, attorneys, doctors  +++ that is primarily black owned.

From the onset of the internet, has been providing this service.

For a limited time, all online advertisement by small businesses are free for placement online.

In Boston,1989,The New England area of the United States, we began a hard copy publication. Then titled The Black Business Directory. That first publication was released January, 1990. The book release was celebrated by many at The African Meeting House now The Museum of African American History on Beacon Hill in Boston.

The purpose and objective of the hard publication was followed by the online edition.

Within the consecutive 18 years of publication, the book had been renamed The Black Pages of New England. The last book publication was released January, 2008.


This publication was the first in the New England area with a focus on the black business population and with a specific minority demographic. 


Beside the black business owners, we advertised many major corporations who wanted to reach the black population with products, services and opportunities for employment.

We are the online directory listing company. Anyone wanting to purchase or locate a business that is black owned searches this website. will indicate whether a business is primarily black owned or woman owned. Purchasing from diverse businesses will allow them overtime to employ from within the community. Coming together, joining together we build together a strong empowered and self sustaining environment for this generation and the one to follow.

For a limited time, free of charge, legal black business owners are invited to place their business and or professional information on

If your business category is not listed, please contact us.

Empower Black Owned Businesses
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