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1.Business Owners and visitors to BlackPagesOnline.com understand this website purpose is to make any person or people aware and informed of a product, service, place of worship, organization, association, organization or event.

2.Visitors to this website may purchase a product or service directly from a business owner or professional.

3.All businesses, professionals, organizations, place of worship, organizations or associations and events must be deemed legal within the United States of America.

4.BlackPagesOnline.com (following referred to as BPO)is owned and operated by TLS,Inc.

5.The Owner of BPO determines all of its content.

6.Business Owner’s (following referred to as The B.O.)are solely responsible for maintenance of their business profile.

7.BPO nor its owner nor agents are responsible for the B.O. products or services.

8.The purchaser of any product or service on this website is responsible to fully vet and research that service or product being purchase.

9.Any and all purchasers of any product or service on this website agree to fully and wholly indemnify BPO, its owner and agents of all and any damage or illness found caused by a product or service on this website.

10.Visitors to this website who make a purchase on this website understand BPO nor its owner nor agents have not vetted or researched the business, product or service on BPO.

11.Any person with current and accurate business information of a business, profession, organization, association or event may post that public information on BPO.

12.B.O., at any time,may update, upgrade or delete their business information.

13.B.O. may submit to BPO a suggested category or sub-category to BPO for approval.

14.B.O. understand and agree all categories or sub-categories submitted for a business or service or place of worship or organization or association  may not be accepted by this website.

15.B.O. will have a choice of the level of information they will give to a visitor or potential client / customer on BPO.

16. Visitors to BPO may post, FREE of charge, a business not found on this site they are still Searching For…

17. BPO does not guarantee a visitors business, service, place of worship, association nor organization will be found once posted on

Searching                              For….

18.Emails will be sent from BPO to B.O. or visitor who submitted a post to the email address given during registration. Therefore , please keep all emails given to BPO updated.

19.B.O. must use a credit card and follow procedure of the Payment Gateway used by BlackPagesOnline.

20.BPO nor its owner nor agents have access to B.O. credit card information.

21.B.O. may upgrade from the FREE Option to any Price Option at any time.

22.B.O. credit card information is not held by BPO nor its owner nor agents.

23.Payments have an automatic renewal of their current level, to the credit card given, just before expiration.

24.An email will be sent to the email address on file prior to expiration.

25.BPO nor its owner nor agents will  give out business information, unless there is a legal request from a United States court. Your privacy is important.

26.All payments are final.

27.B.O. or the person placing an event & the event organizers understand & agree BPO, its owner nor agents guarantee participation  to that event posted on BPO.

28.Events to be posted on BPO may be approved prior to posting.

29.Events posted on BPO are free of charge.

30.BPO does not suggest nor recommend events posted on site. Events are posted on BPO solely for informational purposes.

31.Events posted on BPO does not guarantee attendance.

32.Any review written about a person or business or service or place of worship or organization or association or organization or event  are solely the view of the writer of that review. Unless written by BPO, BPO has no opinion on such.

33. All and any obscene or vulgar text or image will not be allowed on this website, as deemed by the Administrator of this website.

34. When clicking this website tab ‘Contacting BPO’  your email will be responded to within 72 hours.

35. When clicking this website tab to ‘Report a Problem’ , your email will be responded to immediately.

36. When clicking this website tab to make a   ‘Suggestion’ your email will be responded to within 72 hours.

37. BPO Useful Links are placed for information use only. Readers must research any information read prior to involvement.

38. Names and emails sent to BPO for News and Updates are kept by BPO and are not given out. Your privacy is important.