6 Ways for Business Owners to Impact Education and Economic Development

Since COVID-19 hit last year, issues are more pressing now than ever. We don't have to sit back and wait for action to happen. As a strong business community, each of us has the power to be a part in creating an education system for our youth that supports economic empowerment and wealth building.

1. Inclusive Community Discussions

To address education and economic development, we need to mobilize our business community to interact with students and parents. By listening to the current experiences within our educational system and the workplace, we can identify shortcomings and develop strategies for improving job growth and economic gains

2. Partner With Local Community Leaders

Local business owners and organizations can offer student internships/fellowships, training programs, tutoring, and other programs to help improve the economic prospects of students.

3. Create Clear Goals to Hold Everyone Accountable

Through creating economic goals within hiring and training, there is an opportunity to develop local business-supported programming to improve local business owners’ economic prospects while providing valuable life experiences to our youths.

4. Value Unique Student Strengths

To help create an equitable economic and educational system, we need to build on each student’s strengths. Some kids won't be doctors, lawyers, or teachers. That's okay.

Local leaders, business owners, educators, and parents can encourage every unique talent by recognizing and providing opportunities to our youth. Doing small things like sponsoring community programs can make a world of difference.

5. Celebrate Diversity

As a business owner, you have the full power to create a culturally aware atmosphere in your workplace. Start conversations with diverse student populations and learn about their culture. Celebrate their voices and cultures.

6. Equitable Access to High-Quality Curriculums

Unfortunately, in some schools, artificial barriers prevent students of color from accessing high-quality curriculums to challenge them and help them grow. But with the help of our business communities, we can suggest educational topics and training programs that provide rigorous opportunities to provide relevant employment skills for our local businesses.

We can work together to create culturally sustaining communities that cater to diverse students and workers. As a business community, we can decide to develop balanced and non-stereotypical training experiences for all learners. No matter their academic position, all students and employees should access materials that help them grow.

Why We are Passionate About Economic Development

As business owners, we have the power and ability to make our communities better. Creating pipelines of opportunities not only increases our margins and marketing but also serves to improve our communities. When Black-Businesses get involved, we provide more opportunities within our communities.

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