How To Make The Most Out of Summer Holidays Like Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Fourth of July

Are you looking to bring the most to your summer holiday deals this year? Are you lost when it comes to using holidays to draw attention to your business?

Well, you're in luck. It's easier than you think to leverage summer holidays to bring in more customers.

Here's how to celebrate Memorial Day, Juneteenth, and the Fourth of July to the fullest this summer, to bring the most attention to your business.

Memorial Day

We know. We know. Memorial Day, just passed, but it’s never too early to prep for next year. As a wise person once said, “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” When you're looking into how to leverage a summer holiday for business, you'll want to start off with Memorial Day. Memorial Day in the United States is when we commemorate military personnel who have died as active members of the military as well as a day of voicing our appreciation for our men and women who have dedicated their time in military service. Further on Memorial Day, we remember our loved ones and perhaps visit their grave site.

It also happens to create the May long weekend, which means there tends to be a balance you need to keep when using Memorial Day to draw attention to your business.

You want to make sure you're respectful to our fallen troops, and make sure you pay tribute to them, or you'll be seen as overlooking the important meaning of the day just to celebrate the long weekend.

One great way to commemorate Memorial Day while supporting your business is to find a way to fundraise for veterans' causes. That way, you'll be able to draw eyes to your business while supporting the troops.

When creating your Memorial Day marketing strategy, make sure you know the difference between Memorial Day, Veterans' Day, and Armed Forces Day. There are subtle differences you'll want to be clear on, and you don't want to accidentally mix them up publicly.

Ultimately, you need to be as sensitive as possible when leveraging Memorial Day for your business. Discounts for current service members, for example, could be a good day to commemorate the occasion while drawing fresh eyes to your business.


If you're looking for advice for black businesses, you should use Juneteenth to draw attention to your company. Juneteenth commemorates June 19th, 1865, when word of the Emancipation Proclamation reached Galveston, Texas.

People should be sensitive when commemorating Juneteenth at their business. If you're a white-owned business, or a business owned by other people of color, you do NOT want to pay lip service or otherwise make shallow marketing-based approaches to commemorate Juneteenth.

Instead, promote black-created products and services, direct your customers or audience to resources to help them understand the issue, and otherwise do everything you can to be a strong ally.

Black-owned businesses have the opportunity to get more creative when it comes to Juneteenth. You can look into Black business events in your area, so that you can cross-promote with other Black businesses.

Create social media graphics to draw eyes to your business while educating people about the history of Juneteenth and the history of Black people in America generally. Recognize activists in your community that are fighting for the rights of Black people. Launch a fundraiser to raise money for an organization or cause that's relevant.

Really, as long as it's socially relevant and relevant to the occasion, you'll be sure to draw attention to your business while commemorating this important occasion.

The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is one of the days best suited for promoting your business and bringing in customers. Create deals and services specifically designed around the Fourth of July.

For example, you can have a giveaway or raffle with Fourth of July-themed prizes.

These could include tickets to local events for the Fourth of July, like fireworks exhibitions or concerts. You could also give away things people need for the Fourth of July, like barbecue equipment or a grocery store gift certificate.

Like for many other holidays, you can transform your social media presence for the Fourth of July. Use your Instagram feed to show off fabulous fireworks displays in your area, and link that back to your company. Tweet facts and memes about the holiday to increase your reach and gain a wider audience.

You could team up with other businesses in your area to do a social media crossover, or to create special Fourth of July themed packages or experiences. For example, you could create a barbecue themed package so that customers can find everything they want for a barbecue in one easy package.

You could even start a Fourth of July contest on social media, to get people excited for the holiday and your business. For example, they could post photos on Instagram with a specific hashtag, to represent what they plan to do for the Fourth of July.

Email marketing can also be very helpful when it comes to leveraging the Fourth of July. Create a customized email campaign offering, say, coupons, or advertising an upcoming sale in honor of the Fourth of July.

You'll want to make sure that you start your marketing several weeks before the holiday. That way, your customers will be aware of say, discounts you're offering, when they're trying to stock up on supplies. With the right marketing, your customers will be all set up to have the best Fourth of July ever.

Enjoy Your Summer Holidays This Year

With careful planning, your business will be able to leverage these great holidays to gain traction, and your customers will have the best Memorial Day, Juneteenth, and Fourth of July they've ever had this summer.

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