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Welcome to NEW! BlackPagesOnline was recently updated in collaboration with a local black-owned web design firm Include Web Design. As a part of the BlackPagesOnline community, we will keep you in the loop with the latest black business happenings. Our goal with our directory partners is to create an environment to advertise your business better and drive awareness for potential customers/clients.

About was founded to inform the black community and the population at large with access and knowledge to locate black-owned or primarily black-owned businesses. The information on BlackPagesOnline allows the whole community to be served by the business owner while contributing to the empowerment of our community. That owner will be of service with the opportunity to grow. Together we will enrich and improve the economic development within the black community.

In 1989, Black Pages Online was created as The Black Business Directory. This hard copy publication was based out of Boston and serviced the New England area of the United States. The first official Black Business Directory publication was released in January of 1990. The Directory’s release was celebrated by many at The African Meeting House, now The Museum of African American History on Beacon Hill in Boston. With the 1995 hard copy edition came the name change to The Black Pages of New England until the last hard copy edition in January 2008. December 2001, the website was named

Being a BlackPagesOnline Member

As a directory member to be included in the BPO community, you are now a part of the history of BlackPagesOnline. As an advertiser, please take advantage of posting in our BlackPagesOnline Forums. Forums are an excellent opportunity to discuss relevant black business topics and engage with our whole BlackPagesOnline Community.

Free of charge, for a limited time, legal black business owners are invited to place their business and or professional information on If you know a local black business owner that should be a part of BlackPagesOnline, please CLICK HERE to join.

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